What was done?

A quick reference summary of each of the component parts of the Safer Streets East Marsh programme:

About Safer Streets funding
Watch the final video about Safer Streets East Marsh
Download the final project newsletter

Installation of CCTVs, lighting and signage

Alley clearance and new alley gating work

Policing activity during Safer Streets

The Community Wallet funding pot

Household target hardening

The personal and household safety equipment cache

Community Engagement activities

The Keeping Older People safe initiatives
Stay Safe guides

Scams and fraud advice and community shredders

Projects in Grant Thorold Park

Events – Movies on the Marsh and more

Sports and fitness projects

Arts projects and the shutter artwork

Security hardening of local organisations

Social housing support

Neighbourhood Networking and Neighbourhood Watch

Green and environmental projects

Specialist projects including housing providers, youth support and people with disabilities

Educational projects support

Longer terms projects kicked-off, including:
Mariners Pub redevelopment
The pedestrian railway bridge
New pocket park

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